Luck of the Irish

“You can’t fall if you don’t climb, but there’s no joy in living your life on the ground” A few months ago, I went on an amazing adventure with two of my best friends. …And I totally forgot to blog about it. An idea that seemed a little crazy and a lot expensive became a … More Luck of the Irish

Hola and Adios

                 “The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way.” My final week in Spain was an insane mix of emotions. I was thrilled to see my parents again, but I also knew that their arrival meant my Spanish adventure was coming … More Hola and Adios

Never Be The Same

Thank you, Spain. Thank you for giving me memories to last my lifetime. Thank you for gifting me so many new friends. Thank you for showing me the beauty in taking risks. Thank you for teaching me a new language. Thank you for giving me the ability to trust myself. Thank you for letting me … More Never Be The Same

Cats of Europe

I know that even from thousands of miles away, many of you rolled your eyes when you saw the title of this post. As most of you know, I’m a cat lover. Always have been, always will be. Since I convinced my dog loving parents to buy me a kitten when I was 4 years … More Cats of Europe

From Paris With Love

“I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.” -Lillian Smith December is here, and a month of “lasts” for my study abroad experience begins. December 1st marked the final day of my last trip outside of … More From Paris With Love

London Calling

“Sometimes it’s time to get away from it all and experience things in a completely different way.” -Kim Mance Another destination and another adventure = complete! Last Thursday, I spent an unpleasant night in the Madrid airport before taking a 6am flight to London. I was able to cross off most of my dream to-do … More London Calling