Best Night Ever

“This time I’m ready to run. Wherever you are is the place I belong, 
’cause I wanna be free, and I wanna be young. I will never look back, now I’m ready to run.”

I have never been one to obsess about celebrities. It takes me a while to determine my celebrity crush, and I never really went through that middle school phase where I pretended an attractive, young celebrity was my boyfriend. I’ve never even read a J-14 magazine.

So when my friends asked me if I wanted to go to the One Direction concert, I hesitated. Did I really want to spend my Sunday night (a WORK night!), at a concert with a bunch of screaming little girls? Actually, yes I did. I committed to the concert because, well, tickets were 75% off on Groupon. And, I missed out on seeing the boy bands of my era in concert.

I’d heard plenty of One Direction songs on the radio, and liked them, but was by no means a fan girl. Until just hours before the concert, I didn’t even know the each band member’s name. When the news broke that Zayn was leaving the band, I said “Zayn who?” I had was in it for the experience.

Boy, am I happy that I stayed up a little past by bed time for this concert! It turned out to be a blast dancing and sing amongst the tweens.  I had a blast singing along (I knew more words than I thought!), and staring at Liam, my new 1D crush. Harry Styles in also pretty cute with a man bun. Maybe I do have a celebrity crush (or four) after all.
One Direction Concert
One Direction Concert

One Direction Concert One Direction Concert

Moral of the story: You’re never too old for a boy band. 


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