One Year Later

“As you move through this life, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life and travel leave marks on you” -Anthony Bourdain

September 5th marked one year since I boarded a plane and began the adventure of a lifetime. As I look back, there’s so much I wish I could experience all over again, but I’ll just focus on the top ten.

The Top Ten Things I Miss About Spain

1) Daily adventures through the winding streets of Toledo. I’m pretty sure I could spend a lifetime there and still get lost, but that’s the beauty of the city. Some of my favorite moments were wandering the city alone and seeing where I would end up.

2) Coffee trips to “El Artista” for the best and cheapest coffee I’ve ever had. I look at this picture and drool…


3) Constantly being surrounded by the abundance of street cats. How can something so grungy be so cute?


4) The constant, rewarding challenge of being forced to learn a different language and culture. It wasn’t always easy, but I felt like I learned something new everyday. 1473019_10202650621215591_1433856512_n

5) Wednesday nights singing karaoke at Drago’s. Okay… and any other night spent at Drago’s.


6) The view of the city. Looking back at the city from across the river was one of my favorite things to do. How can that view not make you insanely emotional?


7) The friends I left behind there. Whether they’re friends from Spain or America, I am missing a lot of my amigos.


8) Jumping on a plane, train, or bus and exploring Europe with my friends. I don’t miss the lack of sleep, but I miss just about everything else about all the weekend adventures.


9) All the old stuff. Let’s face it: Everything is just older and cooler there. America has nothing like the culture and history of Spain.


10) Laughing all of the time. Great people together in a great place makes for lots of smiles.


Take me back!


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