Thoughts from the Air

“You will never be completely at home again because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for knowing and loving people in more than one place”

This post comes 34,000 feet in the air. I know this because of the fancy TV that has saved me from an otherwise incredibly painful 10.5 hours in the air. Friends, Modern Family, 500 Days of Summer and an aisle seat doesn’t make for the worst experience, and nothing can compare to the TV-less, emergency landing trip that brought me to Spain almost four months ago. Even though I think we’re safe from any emergency landings, we were delayed at takeoff, guaranteeing I will miss my connection from Chicago to Minneapolis. Oh well… Close enough!

It’s a very strange feeling, knowing that I’ll sleep in my own bed tonight, be in an English speaking country, and that life may return to just how it was when I left. Maybe that’s my biggest fear. The hardest part is not accepting that the adventures are over, but instead that I am forced to return to a monotonous life that was so easy to leave behind in September.

Besides being a life changing experience in so many ways, studying abroad in Spain has given me the break from my everyday life that I needed. I never questioned the idea of going to Spain for months, despite how much it sometimes scared me. I always knew I was going to Toledo, Spain during the fall semester of my junior year. There was never another option. I now understand that it was because there truthfully wasn’t another option. If the home I left was where I had to stay, I can’t imagine the state I would be in today. New friends, new language skills, a new cultural experience, countless memories, and the unending joy I gained over the last few months have given me the perspective I needed to make decisions for myself and stick to them, to not suffer through bad situations because it’s all I know or because I feel obligated. I also now understand the beauty in working towards new experiences, not a new car or new dress. I look forward to my return to Spain, and I will work as hard as possible to guarantee that return sooner rather than later!

I hope the positive experiences, memories, and energies can continue when I return to normalcy. I feel so thankful that the majority of the friends that followed me to Toledo have followed me back to Minnesota. Our mutual experiences and forever friendships will make the transition to reality that much easier.

Thank you for following my journey through this blog. I hope a little of my joy rubbed off on you and that you continue to check back every so often. I hope to continue writing about my little adventures back in the US. Until next time…. enjoy your own adventures!


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