Cats of Europe

I know that even from thousands of miles away, many of you rolled your eyes when you saw the title of this post. As most of you know, I’m a cat lover. Always have been, always will be. Since I convinced my dog loving parents to buy me a kitten when I was 4 years old, I’ve been obsessed. Living in Spain doesn’t change this. Luckily, my good friend back home, Nara, shares my obsession and our mutual love inspired me to write this post.

When I moved to Toledo, I quickly noticed the abundance of cats on the streets. I started taking pictures of them and sharing them with Nara, knowing she would also thoroughly enjoy each and every one as much as myself. I got a lot of stares every time I snapped a picture. I’m pretty sure taking pictures of street cats here is the equivalent to taking pictures of squirrels in the US, but who cares!

This semester, I also had to say a long distance goodbye to my own cat, Faye, which only strengethened my desire to find as many cats in Spain as possible. Just days after hearing the news of her passing, a little kitten ran up to me on the street. For the first time, a cat in Spain showed a mutual interest in me. I sat with her for almost a half hour, knowing it was a rare opportunity I must take advantage of. Even though it made me sad knowing I’d never hold my own cat again, it also gave me a little kitten love that I really needed.
If you opened this post despite the title, you can now enjoy some of the photos of my European cat encounters.

20131203-202228.jpg  20131203-201825.jpg20131203-135545.jpg  20131203-201733.jpg 20131203-135503.jpg 20131203-135450.jpg 20131203-135625.jpg 20131203-135613.jpg20131206-161547.jpg 20131206-161553.jpg


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