Whirlwind Weeks

    “To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” – Bill Bryson

I can’t believe it’s already been a couple of weeks since my last post! I’ve had so many great experiences in such a short amount of time. I continue to find myself loving life in Spain more and more everyday. I have yet to really experience the homesickness that I so feared, although I do miss a lot of people back home.

I just finished my second week of classes. I am taking Advanced Conversation, Recent Spanish Film, Cultural Hertiage of Spain, and Literature: all in Spanish! So far, I am really enjoying the subjects and professors. Best of all, the workload is much more manageable than back in Minnesota. I might change my mind when I finally decide to tackle the two papers I have due late next week, but I’m in Spain! Isn’t it acceptable to procrastinate?

Last weekend, we took a group day trip to Madrid. We toured the Palacio Real de Madrid (the Royal Palace), took a bus tour of the city, and ate at Museo de Jamon (the Ham Museum), where we were excited to try the ham Spain is so famous for, only to discover that our group had preordered fried chicken and french fries for everyone. Really? I guess we’ll have to save the ham for another time. I decided to stay in Madrid for the rest of the weekend with five other friends from school. We thought it would be a good first weekend trip to practice before going far from Toledo (Madrid is a quick 30 minute train ride away). My friend Jen is studying in Madrid for the semester and was kind enough to show us around for the day. That night we went to El Kapital, one of the largest night clubs in Europe. It was definitely a great place to experience my first discoteca. With almost our whole school there, we took over and danced the night away! Overall, it was a great weekend with great friends. We saw a lot of the city in a short amount of time. Although Madrid is an amazing city with endless attractions, I was happy to return to quaint, quiet Toledo.

A group from my program, including students from Puerto Rico, Japan, and the US, in front of the Royal Palace

Puerta del Sol
My group for the weekend at Parque del Retiro
Minnesota girls at El Kapital

This weekend, I stayed in Toledo and relaxed, explored the city, and went out with friends. Bri and I had some fun adventures; running and walking along the river paths and through the city and even finding some frozen yogurt that we’ve been missing so much! In the few weeks that I’ve been here, it’s been perfectly sunny and 80-90 degrees everyday. Since the streets in Toledo are so narrow, it’s usually very shaded and there’s no humidity, so even 90 usually feels comfortable.

Bri & I with our delicious froyo!
Toledo River Views
Bri & I with our new British friends at Enebro’s in Toledo

The next three weekends will include: Valencia, Porto, and Barcelona. Is this real life?

Thanks for reading! Best wishes to everyone back home in the states. And remember, I really like getting mail!


3 thoughts on “Whirlwind Weeks

      1. Yay! You can teach kids along the bus line, ask Yuki about it. She gave me an address and I went once a week for one hour to a family’s house and did English lessons for a 12 and 8 year old 🙂 They paid 10 euro an hour which was nice weekend bar money

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